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Why You Will Love Aveda Products

For most anyone in the world of salon and beauty products, the name “Aveda” represents quality, natural products that benefit you.  This is because Aveda strives to be informed about every aspect of our products so that we can ensure you get the best product and results. If you have used Aveda products for a while, then chances are, you already know just how great the product are. But how much else do you know about Aveda and their product line?

Here are some fun facts about Aveda product line that you may not know!

·      Aveda Artists are some of the most talented in the business. They have 50,000 artists around the globe, and they are always striving to find new ways to make you shine. Aveda loves to hear from them and learn how they are using the products to create the styles, results, and textures you want.

·      There are nearly 7,000 Aveda salons worldwide.

·      Aveda was the first beauty company to ever use 100% post-consumer PET in their packaging. This began in 2002.

·      They have been cruelty-free since they were founded in 1978. They don’t test on animals, nor rely on others to do this for them; rather the products are people tested.

·      Their first product ever is the Clove Shampoo. According to legend it was either created in a sink or a bathtub.

·      All of the products are made from pure flower and plant essences – not chemicals, artificial colors or laboratory created fragrances. Better yet, they are designed to allow you to create your spa/salon like experience at home so that your skin and hair can always feel its best.

·      All of the products are completely safe for the environment.

·      The product line is designed to meet the needs of every type of hair. Whether your is long but prone to frizziness, needs more volume, is dry or oily, colored or natural, you can be sure that there is a product that meets your needs.

·      Although many cosmetic companies are criticized for taking advantage of low paid workers in third world countries, Aveda believes in supporting those who work for them and seeing that they are paid a fair wage. In fact, you can request a detailed report of how those who provide products for us are benefitting.

·      They use 100% post-consumer recycled material in our packaging, 100% wind-generated power in their manufacturing and by donating over $18 million dollars since 1999 to help clean and protect the environment.

When it comes to our appearance, most of us are very specific about the types of products we use. We don’t just buy something because it was on sale (but of course, that never hurts!) but want to purchase products that are safe for our hair and skin. It is for those reasons -among others- that Aveda works to exceed the industry standards for their products.

As an Aveda salon, the team at true understands the value of having the perfect products for all your beauty needs. If you have questions about which product(s) will best suit you, then be sure to talk to one of our true Salon team members today.

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