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Why Choose Salon Product over Drugstore Products

snip_20161119125026 - CopyWhen it comes to the products we use on our skin and hair, most would agree that we want lotions, shampoos, conditioners and other items that make us look and feel great. We want products that have met the highest standards with the best results because who wants to settle for less than great looking hair and skin!

It is that desire for quality and beauty that makes Aveda products and procedures so wonderful. Sure, you can go to the drug store or big box store and find aisles of hair and skin products, but as with many things, you get what you pay for. Think about it this way, while all candles are made from wax not every candle contains the same quality or type of wax. Nor, will 3 candles of the size, shape, scent and color all last the same amount of time or melt as cleanly. Why? Because each candle contains different elements. (For example, natural waxes burn cleanly while candles with synthetic wax leaves a black residue behind.)

Shampoos and conditioners are no different. The products you buy in a drug store or big box store may look like the same as an Aveda salon product, but they will not work like a salon product. Sure, one might argue that the either product gets your hair clean – but are you sure of this?

Why Choose Salon Product over Drugstore Products

We all understand wanting to save money, but skimping on skin and hair products should not be the place. snip_20161119125054

What You will find in Drugstore Hair Products

· If they contain high-grade ingredients, it is only small amounts.

· They usually contain harsh chemicals (alcohol and ammonia) and a wide range of sulfates that will strip your hair of natural oils and cause it to dry out.

· Drug store products typically contain fillers, which dilute any quality components they contain.

· They often leave behind a waxy build up that may leave your hair soft, but doesn’t actually hydrate your hair.

· Sure, you may find some of the same products sold at the salon at a drugstore but those products will not only cost more, but have usually been sitting in a storage room somewhere while the seller waited for the bar code to expire so they could sell them. Consequently, the product has gotten old and will not be as effective as it was originally.

· The typical pH of hair averages at 5.0. Salon grade shampoos are tested and have a neutral pH that range from 5 to 7. Drug store grade shampoos range greatly from 4-9 on the pH scale. At this point, you might as well be washing your hair with baking soda, which has a pH of 8.4.

Advantages of Using Salon Products

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· The ingredients used in salon products are gentler and contain fewer (if any) fillers.

· They are sulfate-free.

· Do not cause build-up, which in turn creates wax.

· Because they are concentrated, it takes less product to wash your hair so it last longer. Consequently, the price to number of washes ratio is the same – and in many cases, you get more washes with the salon products!

· If a salon product doesn’t work as expected, you can bring it back (often for an exchange or refund) – try that with a drugstore hair product!

· An Aveda hairstylist is trained to know the various haircare products and can analyze your hair and scalp’s needs to be healthy.

You wouldn’t go to a mechanic to ask about a health issue, so why buy shampoo at a grocery store! It just makes sense to treat your beauty needs with the same degree of care as you do anything else. As Aveda specialist, we know what type of hair products will get the best results for your hair and skin. We take the time to listen to what you want from your hair and will recommend the products and treatments best suited for you. Schedule a visit with true Salon today to learn more about what products can give you the healthiest hair ever!

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