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September 23, 2013

Erica Eason Operations Manager

Erica Eason, Manager

Erica Eason says, “Red All About It!” Nothing says fall like ankle boots, pumpkin spice lattes and yes, RED lipstick! Let’s be honest, red lips are like little black dresses and George Clooney: classic and always in style. From deep wine hues seen on the fashion runways at Louis Vuitton to the ultra-glossy fire-engine reds at Marc Jacobs, this season’s runways raged with scarlet fever!

Red lipstick makes a statement all its own and becomes the focal point of your entire look.

Red lips every woman can wear!

Red lips every woman can wear!

It can be sexy, sultry, bold, confident, playful or flirty. It is a common misconception that not everyone can pull off a cerise smile. Every woman can (and should) wear red! The trick is finding the perfect shade that works with your skin tone and personality. Don’t ever let your lipstick wear you!

Perhaps the first thing to consider when wearing a bold lip color is preparation. Nothing ruins the fabulousness that is red lipstick faster than sheets of dead skin hanging from your kisser. Cooler temperatures mean less water in the air and dry heat blowing in your car. Both can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving your precious pout susceptible to cracking and splitting. You’ll discover that sleeping in lip moisturizer, (we highly recommend Aveda’s Lip Saver), will make your lips smooth and soft by morning. If you do find yourself in need of immediate exfoliation, here’s a tip from the pros: slather your lips in olive oil and let it sit for about two to three minutes. Then take a disposable mascara wand or unused toothbrush and scrub off the dead skin. It doesn’t feel that great but it gets the job done.

Using a thin layer of Lip Saver before applying your crimson confidence is a good way to ensure a smooth, even look, as well as prevent settling and staining. For my every day and bold reds, I always use a lip liner (as close to the natural color of your lips – skip the red liners!) to keep it from bleeding, then blot and reapply. But for my deeper, wine colored reds I prefer a more lived-in look where instead of blotting, I use my finger to smudge it into my lips.

Just like most products on the market, red lipstick can be categorized as either warm or cool. A general rule of thumb is if you’re looking for a color to pop and enhance your look, pick a color that is in your same color family. For example, if you have a warm skin tone, it is best to choose a lip color that also has warm undertones, and the same applies for cool. If you want your lips to make a bolder statement, choose a color opposite your color family. So if you have warm undertones, use a cool red, and vice versa. If you have no idea what your skin tone is, come see one of our true Makeup Artists! Perhaps they’ll pair you with our fall collection’s Plum Petals lip liner and Wineberry lip glaze for a sultry, mysterious look. Or maybe you’ll find that Poppy lip color has just the right amount of chic cheekiness to complete your look.

lip collection photo collageWhat story will your lips tell this season? Whatever it is, I hope you’ll share it with your stylist at your next appointment. We always love a sexy story!

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