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September 23, 2013

Liam & Lynda

Liam & Lynda

Liam: Here’s the Short of it on Men’s Hairstyles Today

fb2We posted (on our Facebook page and Twitter) a few days ago about Brad Pitt’s new short style and it got us thinking. He has always been a trend-setter, especially with his hair. Well, so much for the longer styles we were seeing men wear, their munns (man buns) and the wavy locks that make women jealous, Brad has cut his hair. We couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “Why?”

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Move in JT. Yes, Justin Timberlake has been crowned the King of Men’s style, not just for hair but all-the-way-around! He has had some pretty triumphant (and sometimes unexpected) successes in his career. From bringing sexy back to convincing an entire generation that it wasn’t just acceptable, but favorable, for men to walk around with highlights, JT has made men’s hair care and style RELAVANT.

We all know JT has naturally textured (curly) hair and for those of us in-the-know, his recent transformation did not just happen without intention. He has absolutely prevailed in bringing the rather questionable guy-appropriate procedure of hair straightening into the realm of acceptability. Strange? Yes. But it is a relevant venture these days, given that shined, slicked-back straight hair — à la Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, and The Great Gatsby — has been making a big impact on how guys are styling their hair.

The suave swagger of Timberlake’s new straight hair is evidence enough. He has started a new trend that was seen all over the fashion runways just a few weeks ago. “I really prefer not to think that the sexy men of the world spend hours in the salon with a straightener or at home with blow-dryers pointed at their heads, but if the end result looks effortless then, well, that’s kind of the important thing” says Kristin Eastburn, Senior Designer at true Salon|Spa. And Timberlake is looking good — and relaxed, and relevant — with his slick new coif, even if he’s had to sit in a salon chair for a few hours to get it.

Straight, controllable-with-some-coaching hair already sprouting from your head? These styles are easily attainable if your stylist knows you’re ready to update your look (and stop looking like you go to your father’s barbershop which is so passé.)Fall 2013 source-GQ Aus

Either way, you’ll probably have to explain the sudden change in your hair’s nature and have a plan to maintain it, so consider a conversation with your hair person. And also, maybe, be prepared with the Tom Ford suit and tie — and the bravado to match.

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