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What Your Hairstyle Says About You

curly hairWhile everyone knows that what matters about a person is what’s on the inside, the reality is that we project much of who we are through the styles we choose – be it through clothing, hair, make up or accessories. And while some of those expressions of self may seem obvious, one that often surprises people is that our hairstyle reflects who we are, too.

Types of Hairstyles and What They Say

Before delving into each style, it is important to note that the attributes applied are not going to fit in every circumstance, but are more generalizations. However, it might surprise you as to accurate they may be – whether applied to yourself or others you know.

Long and Straight – The sleek, straight style is associated with a determined, perfectionist whose goal is to be taken more seriously in both your personal and professional life. Keep these long locks looking their best with an Aveda product such as Smooth Infusion.

The Bob – The style has been around for decades and is always a great look – no matter the shape of your face or your hair type. Those who sport this classic look are said to be easy going but determined and able to adapt easily to new situations.

Natural Curls – Staying natural and showing off who you are, natural curls reflect someone who is open, loving and remarkably patient. You tend to embrace a free-spirited lifestyle and typically look for the best in people. Show off your curls with the Be Curly line from Aveda.

Medium Length – Medium length (shoulder length or just below) hair represents a logical thinker who values common sense. In addition, people with medium length hair are often direct and competitive, yet can be frustrated often.

Pixie Cuts – These can take on a range of styles and looks, but regardless of the style the short look lets people know that you are a woman who is creative, intuitive, strong and confident. However, they can often come across as shy – until they determine someone is trustworthy. It should also be noted that a short hairstyle is generally viewed as more professional in the work place.

Straighten Natural Curls – If you are frequently reaching for that straightener to smooth out those curly locks then it may reflect a need to order the chaos you feel is in your life, and find a balance. Just be sure that before you reach for that flat iron, you first use Brilliant Damage Control from Aveda.

Curling Straight Hair – The theory on this is that those with straight hair who frequently curl it are spunky and fun-loving, people just looking for a little bit more adventure. Just be sure to always use a heat protectant on your hair before making waves!

Bangs – If you love having bangs, then chances are that you are a natural leader and a confident person with little time to waste with who are intimidated by it. However, don’t be fooled, those bangs often hide a wild side, too.

So, what do you think? How apt is the correlation of your hairstyle and your personality? Chances are, you thought of at least one friend these descriptions fit perfectly. And, hopefully, that made you smile.

And now the most important question -what will your next hairstyle be? If you are considering something new, and want it to be just right for you, talk to one of the true Salon stylist. They are happy to help you decide on style, color, or any other questions you might have about a look that is uniquely yours. Give us a call today.

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