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True Salon Atlanta Aveda Mari EmployeeFor us curly haired women, every day is an exciting choice about whether to wear our hair straight or curly. But if we usually end up wearing it straight more often than curly, there may be a service to make that a more painless process. It’s called a keratin smoother.

Keratin is a protein occurring naturally in the hair. Very simply, the smoother service adds more of that protein back into the hair, weighing the curls down, making the hair straighter. It also cuts frizz and reduces blow dry time. Although it can be done any time of year, the more humid seasons are its peak.

This service can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months, depending on the version you choose. It also ranges in price from $125 to $250 with me.

If you want to switch between curls and straight hair frequently, you may just need good product, a great brush, and a few tips from me. Adjusting something as simple as the way you hold your blow dryer may make all the difference.

So, how do you know if you are a smoother Candidate or in need of a really great blowout? Book a shampoo/style today and let’s talk about your end goals and which service may be best for you.


True Salon Atlanta Aveda Liam EmployeeMen’s cutting, or barbering, can be a tricky prospect. Because most men wear their hair so short, there are very few places to hide a mistake, so the cut needs to be great. One of true Salon’s strongest cutters, Liam understands just that.

What gentleman doesn’t have memories of that awful cut received at age 11? What mom hasn’t either dried tears or had to coax a boy out from under a pillow after his hair has been hacked and chopped? It is this experience, played out over many years, that makes Liam so passionate about men’s cuts.

En route to becoming a cutting educator, Liam is attuned with many other factors that make a great cut:

  • How much time are you willing to spend styling your hair?
  • What is your style of dress?
  • Is the use of product realistic for you?

These are just a few of the topics to be covered in an extensive consultation with him prior to any new service.

From rock star long hair to military high and tights to retro pompadours, Liam delivers every cut with precision and a fashionable edge. Always keeping a pulse on fashions and trends, both U.S. and European, he’s able to construct a cut that’s just right for your face, your lifestyle, and your “vibe”.

“A consistent, structured grooming routine” is the key to getting, and keeping, a great look. Liam believes booking every 4 weeks and stopping in for maintenance every 2 weeks (at no charge) is the best practice for keeping any cut well maintained. (Not to mention all the latest football stats and Broncos games you’ll get to catch up on in those great barber chairs.) Even a subtle change in a man’s cut can really make a difference. Let Liam take a look at your cut. See your hair through his eyes. You’ll be a believer too.


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