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The Best Food for Beautiful Skin

When it comes to our skin, many of us think that we are born with a certain type – oily, dry, redness, etc. and that there is nothing we can do to alter it. And, while to some degree that might be true, there are still a number of actions we can take to promote healthier beautiful skin. From the products we use, to the environment we live/work in, there are things in our world that play a role in our skin’s appearance. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept that every nuance of our skin’s appearance. In fact, there are steps we can take to improve how our skin looks. Perhaps one of the most important is by watching what we eat.

We all know that our diet plays a part in every aspect of our lives, so it only makes sense that it affects our skin, too. So, if these foods are not a part of your diet, consider adding them as often as possible.

·      Red Fruits and Veggies – Foods such as tomatoes, purple cabbage, papaya, guava, and watermelon are rich in lycopene and are known for helping to reduce inflammation, and even help prevent wrinkles. Lycopene has also been shown to protect against sun damage thus lowering risks of skin cancer.

·      Fish – Salmon, mackerel, and herring are all fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Increasing your intake of these nutrients will make your skin supple, and add moisture, while minimizing skin redness, acne and sensitivity to UV rays. In addition to the omega 3, these fatty fish are also great sources for zinc, protein and Vitamin E, which help provide antioxidants, vitality, and promote quicker healing for damaged skin.

·      Avocados – Like fish, these are rich in healthy fats. Increasing your avocado intake will help keep skin moisturized and flexible. They are also rich in Vitamin C, which your body uses to create collagen. Skin lacking in Vitamin C is more prone to bruising, will be drier and can become rough.

·      Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Red and Yellow Bell Peppers and Spinach – These are an excellent source of Vitamin A as well as beta carotene, both of which work as natural sunblock thus sheltering your skin from the rays of the sun. Peppers are also rich in Vitamin C, so they are an easy way to your intake.

·      Dark Chocolate – With all the veggies listed, you might be wondering if you could have desserts.  No worries – dark chocolate to the rescue. Studies have found dark chocolate is high in antioxidants thus promoting healthier, more hydrated skin, plus it improves blood flow, skin texture and skin thickness.

·      Green Tea – With all the foods, let’s not forget what we drink! After all, we know that plenty of water is a must to healthy skin, but sometimes we need a change – enter green tea. Rich in a compound known as catechins, green tea is improves moisture, and adds elasticity to the skin.

·      Red Wine – Not a tea drinker? Then enjoy a class of red wine and help fight the production of free radicals which damage the skin and cause signs of aging. Like anything, it should be consumed in moderation, but it does make a nice alternative.

Having clear, healthy skin can be accomplished, and it might not even require the use of special creams or strong cleaners. Start adding these vitamin rich foods to your diet and get ready to enjoy the results. For questions about products for skin care, be sure to talk to one of true Salon’s estheticians – we are always happy to help you with all your beauty needs.