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Superfoods for Healthy Hair: Eating Right to Have Beautiful Hair

Pick up any food magazine or read a few food or nutrition blogs and you are sure to have heard of superfoods. These are foods that naturally provide us with those much-needed vitamins and minerals that make a big difference in how we feel and how our body performs. Our hair is no exception, and as such, there are specific foods that are especially beneficial to having beautiful healthy locks.

With those superfoods in mind, Aveda has created a new line of products – the Nutriplenish Collection. Comprised of products for light moisture as well as for deep moisture so that you can have hair that is smooth and hydrated.

Of course, if you want to add to your hair’s health then adding superfoods is a great way to boost the effects of the Nutriplenish. So what superfoods are known for encouraging healthy hair? Be sure to make these foods a part of your diet in 2020.

6 Superfoods for Super Hair

The winter months can be especially difficult for our hair. This is due to central heating, frequent temperature changes in coming inside from the cold outside, to even the amount of moisture (or lack) outside. One way to help maintain good hair health is by ensuring you eat foods rich in Omega-3.


These delicacies of the deep might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to healthy hair, but they are extremely high in omega-3. Its high concentration of vitamins and minerals promotes a healthy scalp, strengthens hair follicles and can even prevent hair loss. Better yet, they are great for helping to keep your skin clear.

Dark Chocolate

Yes! What’s not love about being told to indulge in chocolate? Of course, it’s not just any chocolate. You need to be sure to get at least 50g of 70% plus dark chocolate to reap the benefits, but still- it’s chocolate! So, what does it bring to the table? Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids which increase blood flow, thus protecting hair and skin from free radicals and UV damage. The cocoa also helps reduce stress hormones which minimize hair loss.


Rich in protein and vitamin D, and a huge amount of Omega-3, salmon is perhaps one of the best superfoods you can eat. And what does it do? It makes your shine. Other fish rich in omega -3 are herring, tuna, sardines, and mackerel.


Looking to encourage hair growth? Then eat more eggs. Rich in biotin, zinc, selenium and protein, eggs promote hair growth, while conversely preventing hair loss.

Berries & Nuts

Who says eating healthy can’t be sweet? Berries are rich in vitamin C which is known for producing collagen thus adding strength to the hair and keeping it from being brittle.

If you are looking for a more savory snack item then consider nuts. Some great choices are Brazil nuts which are also rich in selenium; walnuts which are high in Omega-3, vitamin E and copper thus boosting your hair’s color; and almonds which are packed with vitamin E, B, and zinc thus encouraging hair growth.


Rich in iron, folate, plus vitamins A and C, spinach contains nutrients that promote growth, repair and also prevents hair loss.

These are but a few of the superfoods that you will want to incorporate into your diet if having healthy hair is part of your new year, new you approach for 2020. Even better, those who prefer a vegan or vegetarian approach can also improve their hair without a lifestyle change.

Of course, if you are eager to apply these superfood nutrients directly to your hair, then why not come into true Salon and pick up some of the Nutriplenish products. Our hair pros will be happy to help you determine which products will be best for your hair. Make an appointment today.

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