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Stress Relief: What Can You Do to Minimize Stress

As an Aveda salon, the team at true believes in not just taking care of your hair and skin, but in the importance of whole-body care. And, with the school year fully underway and the holiday season rapidly approaching, stress can quickly become a part of life. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to keep stress levels low and help you stay cool and calm.

10 Tips for Stress Relief

1.     Meditation – As a stress reliever that can be done anywhere, meditation is a popular choice. Choose a spot where you can lay or sit down, undisturbed, for 5 to 10 minutes. Get comfortable, then close your mind and relax, concentrating on gentle breathing – and nothing else. There are a variety of apps available to help you, should you need some assistance.

2.     Exercise – Try to get in at least a mile of walking or jogging a day. Whether it is indoors using a treadmill or a walk around the block, the physical activity can help clear the mind – not to mention the physical activity is healthy!

3.     Yoga – Look for a yoga class, or find one online, that will help you learn to center your mind and body.  Yoga provides an assortment of poses designed to help you focus and relieve anxiety.

4.     Massage – There’s something freeing about laying down and having someone massage your muscles. A massage helps release tension in the body as well as any aches or pains you might have.

5.     Aromatherapy – By now, we have all heard of essential oils and their many benefits. Consider getting a diffuser and scents such as lavender, chamomile, vanilla, and patchouli. These scents are known for helping one relax. If you opt not to use a diffuser, consider putting a few drops of these into your bath, massaging a few drops into your scalp, dabbing them at your wrist, or adding a few drops to an unscented body moisturizer.

6.     Eat Healthy – Nutritious meals and minimizing alcohol go a long way towards lowering stress. Some foods known for helping with stress relief include nuts, red bell peppers, salmon, spinach, and oatmeal. Of course, herbal tea is also recommended, and for a sweet snack, consider dark chocolate.

7.     Laugh – Consider a night out at a comedy club, or watch a funny movie. Laughter is truly the best medicine!

8.     Find a Hobby – From painting to knitting, to jewelry making to scrapbooking studies have found that creating art for 45 minutes helps lower cortisol (a stress-producing chemical) in our bodies.

9.     Get Involved – Be it a soup kitchen, a project in your church, or some other form of community involvement, helping others – especially those who situations might be more stressful than yours- helps you put your troubles in perspective.

10.  Immersion Therapy – While a bubble bath can be nice, studies have found that floating in a pool of water can also be helpful for stress relief. Flotation REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) is a new form of relaxation that is accomplished by floating on your back in a pool of Epsom salt-saturated water. Flotation REST approach has proven to be quite effective for minimizing stress.

You don’t have to stay stress out. Use these tips to stay calm. Better yet, make an appointment to spend some time at true Salon. We would love to help you! Contact us today.


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