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How to: Shampooing Your Hair for Maximum Effect

It might seem like a rather routine part of life, but there’s more to shampooing hair than one might think. Sure, it might seem as though it’s just a matter of cleaning your hair of the oils and products it ‘picks up’ but there is actually a proper way to shampoo your hair to ensure that it always looks and feels its best.

In fact, failing to shampoo your hair correctly can make a big difference – just ask one of our true Salon hair specialists. Or, read on to learn how to get pro tips for shampooing your hair properly.

How to: Shampooing Your Hair for Maximum Effect

Know Your Type

Before randomly selecting a shampoo and conditioner, be sure you know what type of hair you have. Is it thick or thin, fine or voluminous? Dry or prone to oil build up? All of these factors play a part in selecting hair products. If you aren’t sure what products are best for your hair, our true Salon Aveda specialists can help you.

Timing is Everything

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for how often you should shampoo your hair. This has as much to do with the type of hair you have, how active you are, the products you use or the color (if applicable) you have on your hair. That said, most of us do not need to wash our hair every day! Rather, doing so will only strip the natural, healthy oils from the hair.

Stay Clear

No, you don’t have to use only clear shampoos and conditioners. Rather, it is essential to avoid products that contain chemicals – especially things like hydro-chemicals, sulfate, and parabens. Ideally, you want to use products that are of good quality and plan-based, such as those from Aveda.

  7 Steps of Shampooing Your Hair

So, now that the basics of preparing to shampoo your hair have been addressed, you may be asking what the best approach to shampooing your hair is. So, here you go.

  1. Using warm water, get hair completely wet. This helps open the pores, loosen excess oils and make your receptive to the shampoo.
  2. Put the shampoo in the palm of your hand, then spread it evenly through your hair. This ensures even coverage.
  3. Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo and rinse again.
  4. As you shampoo your hair, use gentle pressure to massage your scalp and roots of the hair – but don’t use your fingernails to do this! Doing this, not only removes build-up but massaging also helps stimulate blood flow, which can help stimulate hair growth.
  5. Conditioner works best when allowed to sit on your hair a few minutes. Anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes is best. Begin applying the conditioner mid-shaft, towards the end of your hair – not the root! If you have medium to long hair, now is a good time to use a wide-tooth comb to smooth the conditioner into your hair.
  6. Rinse with cool water. This allows the hair cuticles to close ‘trapping’ the nutrients inside and helping to protect your hair.
  7. Towel dry your hair and add a protectant.

Shampooing your hair is more than something we do as part of our routine. It plays a vital part in creating the beautiful look(s) we want. If you have questions about shampooing your hair or choosing the best products for your hair, talk to one of our true Salon stylists. We look forward to helping you achieve the look you want. Contact us today.

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