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The Specialists

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For nearly two years, Rebecca has held things together at our front desk. A gift to all of us here at true Salon, she has become a treasure and my right hand. Thank you for all you do, Rebecca! We'd be lost without you.
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One of the most beautiful people I get to say I know, both inside and out, Lily has persevered through hair school, life at the desk, and now the assistant role. I have truly been privileged to watch her grow over these last years. And look forward to watching her take the salon floor by storm!
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Stephani was one of true Salon's original staff. Working her way up as our Artistic Director, there is no service she can't nail, no client she can't satisfy, and no teammate she can't touch with kindness and ability. true Salon is so eternally grateful for the impact Steph has had on the salon, her clients, and her peers. Did I mention that her skill set is matched in greatness only by her optimism and that amazing, infectious 'Steph' laugh?

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