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Dry shampoo from Aveda

Is Dry Shampoo Really the Answer to the Time + Beauty Equation?

We all like to save time- especially when those extra minutes can make a difference between having an extra 10 minutes in the morning or needing to rush. Making it possible to have that extra time is dry shampoo. While it seems to be a newcomer to the world of beauty, it has been around for several decades, and it is definitely a great way to build some extra time into your beauty routine. But is the product really all that?

Thankfully, if you use dry shampoo responsibly, it can be used with little fear or concern about negative side effects. Even better, there are several benefits beyond giving you a bit more time in the morning!

Benefits of Using Dry Shampoo

Nearly everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy hair. But, we don’t always have the time to complete a full hair care routine. After all, life happens – we sleep too late, we worked out longer than planned, traffic was bad, etc. sometimes there’s just not time to wash our hair before going on to the next item of our day. But you can still have healthy great looking hair without losing valuable time! Consider these advantages of dry shampoo.

Blowouts Last Longer

It can stretch that blowout for an extra day or two. Dry shampoo helps keep your scalp oil-free so your hair stays full and flowing.

Protects Color

It slows down how fast your color fades. Whether you have fun colors in your hair or stick with the natural tones frequently washing your hair causes the colors to fade quicker. So, the less you are washing your hair the longer the color(s) last.

Retains Moisture

Though it is dry shampoo, it doesn’t cause your hair to dry out. Your scalp’s natural oils help keep your hair moisturized. But washing daily with traditional shampoo means these natural oils get removed often, and not help out your hair. These extra oils are especially helpful when you have extremely curly or long hair. Dry shampoo helps lock in those oils and thus retain your hair’s natural moisture.

Adds Texture

If you have fine hair, then use a bit of dry shampoo to add some texture. Then styles like braids, messy buns and up-do styles will hold in place better.

Adds Volume

Using dry shampoo can volume and lift to your hair. Just spray each section lightly at the root before curly your hair, then tease it slightly before curling. Viola! More volume.

Smells Good

Dry shampoo smells, nice – be sure to check out Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo! We know you will love it!

While these are all great reasons to use dry shampoo, do keep in mind that you don’t want to use it all the time. It is recommended that you not use it more than 2 days in a row, as in some cases people have had an increase in dandruff.

Knowing all the benefits, why wouldn’t you want to use dry shampoo? If you still have questions about using it to make your beauty routine easier, talk to one of true Salon’s hair specialists. We would love to help make your beauty routine better than ever!

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