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Choosing The Right Hair Brush | true Salon and Spa of Marietta, GA

How to Choose the Right Hair Brush

hair 1We all want out hair to have that “I just left the salon” look to it – even on the days where we were no near the salon! But many of us do not have the same tools at our disposal that the salon does. However, there are things we can do to achieve that salon perfect hair. From the types of hair products we use, to the styling tools and brushes, having the right tools for the job makes a big difference.

But how does one know what type of brush to use to achieve that salon look? After all, perusing the brush and comb aisle of the store can be as overwhelming as trying to choose from one flavor of ice cream! Here are some tips for selecting the best hair brush for your hair.

What Type of Hair Brush Should You Be Using?

Adding Volume/Fine Hair – For adding volume to fine hair, use a small natural bristle brush for teasing and back-combing. This will help lock the strands together and add volume without causing breakage, as well as give the soft brushed-out textures of vintage waves. A particular favorite is a natural boar bristle brush as it also helps to stimulate the scalp, distribute oils through your hair, and help detangle.

Curly Hair – Consider a blend of boar and nylon bristles that are evenly spaced so that you can create high shine curls and waves. As with any brush made with boar bristles, oils are distributed so a soft brushed out texture is achieved. It is best used when styling dry hair, without the use of heat. This type of brush is great for medium to thick hair.

Wet or Dry Fine Hair – Fine hair is fragile and breaks even easier when wet than when dry. One of the most recommended brushes is one with wide spaced pins and a natural rubber cushion as it easily moves through wet or dry hair without causing damage. Sometimes referred to as the Denman brush, this brush can actually be customized to suit your needs as the rows of bristles can be removed.

The Wet Brush – Perfect for any type of hair, but especially if your hair tangles easily when wet. It is not very useful for blowouts or styling but it is perfect for detangling without pain.

Frizzy Hair – Grab a plastic paddle brush and get ready to be surprised. This large brush covers a great deal of hair surface and not only detangles, but helps to minimize frizz, too. It is perfect for wet or dry hair, and can be used with or without heat.

Oily Hair – If your hair seems to produce too much oil, then stay away from brushes with densely packed bristles and opt for widely spaced, nylon bristle brushes instead.

Need Body? – To add body and curls to your hair, use a metal round brush. If you use it while blow drying your hair, it will work as a curling iron and have similar results. As with a curling wand, the size of the curl is related to the size of the brush barrel. Keep in mind that this brush should not be used by someone with thin, fragile hair.

Choosing the right hair brush doesn’t have to overwhelming. Just like ice cream is typically good, it doesn’t mean that all the flavors suit your personal taste. Hairbrushes are the same. Using one is important, but not all of them work on every hair type. Use these tips, and be sure to talk to your true Salon hair stylist to learn what tools will give you salon style every day of the week.

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