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The Truth about Hair Care: 9 Facts and Fiction You Need to Know

We have all heard statements regarding hair care, growth or styles that simply make no sense or are totally untrue. However, these statements can often seem logical and therefore, easy to believe. But, not everything one hears about hair care and beyond is true. Today, we will debunk some of the common statements regarding hair care and maintenance.

9 Facts and Fiction of Hair Care

Statement: If you have fine hair, conditioner is not needed, because it will weigh it down.

Reality: Not all conditioners are the same. Yes, some of them will weigh down hair, so it is important you use a conditioner designed for your hair type. Aveda stylists recommend applying conditioner to the ends of fine hair, and avoiding the scalp; for people with shorter hair consider skipping conditioner or only using it once a week.

Statement: If you want your hair to grow, get it cut.

Reality: This might sound counterintuitive, but it is actually true. To keep your hair healthy, get it cut regularly. For healthy hair, this means approximately half an inch 3 or 4 times a year. If your hair is in bad shape, then it is necessary to cut off the damaged length before you can begin letting your hair grow out.

Statement: The more conditioner used, the better.

Reality: Absolutely do not overuse conditioner! Talk to your hairstylist to find out what conditioner is best for your hair, and then use it according to their directions.

Statement: Hair gets accustomed to the products used on it, and the product ceases to be effective.

Reality: No, your hair does not become “immune” to the benefits of a particular product just because it is used all the time. Rather, a product that works great when you first get your hair cut, might not work as well when your hair grows out significantly.

Statement: Don’t wash your hair before going to the salon.

Reality: Don’t assume that because your hair will be washed as part of the appointment, you don’t need wash your hair. Rather, take time to wash and style your hair before your appointment so the stylist knows how you wear your hair and can help you improve your styling abilities with products and techniques.

Statement: You can mend split ends with the right product.

Reality: Once you have split ends, they cannot be corrected. Sure, you can use products designed to temporarily hide split ends, but the split ends will still be there. The best solution for split ends is to have them cut off.

Statement: Wet hair should be combed from bottom to top.

Reality: To prevent breakage, it is always best to start at the ends of your hair and work your way up.

Statement: You should brush your hair 100 strokes each day.

Reality: You should only brush your hair to style it. Overbrushing your hair can pull your out the hair follicle and weaken individual strands.

Statement: Rinsing with cold water makes your hair shinier.

Reality: Rinsing with cold water causes your cuticles to lay flat thus reflecting light and making hair look shiny, but this will fade unless you dry and style your hair properly. To have your hair look great, try rinsing with lukewarm water at the end of your shower so the cuticles have a chance to close, and seal in the conditioner, as well as help increase circulation in the hair follicles.

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