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Our Story… At true, beauty is not about being pretty, its about energy, vitality and being the best you can be.

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true Salon|Spa opened in September 2003 and is owned by Lynda L. Baker and C. Marie Bledsoe. true offers Aveda’s extensive line of over 500 pure plant and flower-based hair, skin, body, make-up and Pure-fume™ products. “We wanted to bring the Aveda experience and integrated concept of wellness and beauty to our community for clients to enjoy,” says Lynda Baker, co-owner of true. “Clients can expect an experience rather than an appointment. This includes everything from our signature Aveda Stress Relieving Treatments, Sensory Journey and Hand Massages to our most cutting-edge techniques from the latest season’s fashion trends.”

The intent and expectation of the staff at true is to guide each guest through a sensory adventure, culminating in the development of an extended home care regimen. Each specialist on our staff is skilled at the art of caring for others, a talent forgotten today by too many.

“In our crazy day-to-day lives, people are looking for an escape – even if only for a few hours” explains Lynda. “Our niche, what sets true apart, is that we know how to take care of people. It’s why we offer so many extra courtesies free of charge. Fringe and neck trims between appointments, hot steam towels and deep conditioning treatments with every shampoo, make-up enhancements and appointment confirmations received the way that best fits your schedule (text, e-mail or telephone) are part of our daily routine – we call it ‘the true difference’.’ We want our guests to feel comfortable just ‘hanging out’ with us.”

The journey is as revitalizing as the destination. The destination is complete relaxation and disassociation from the intrusions of “the real world.” Situated in West Cobb, true offers a variety of customized services. The journey begins with the first step over the threshold. Our guests are enveloped by a warm tapestry of aromatic fragrances and whisked in to experience the true difference. The design of the salon and Spa Experience Rooms, according to co-owner Marie Bledsoe, was done in “pure Ayurvedic tradition with each section of true representing one of three Ayurvedic elements: Air, Fire and Water.”

The front of true is Vata (air energy) and is home to the Environmental Retail Center. Upon entering the store, customers are greeted by Aveda Sensory Advisors who offer Aveda Comforting Tea and, a complimentary value added service such as a Sensory Journey. A Sensory Journey is an integral part of the Aveda experience and allows clients to customize their own hair, skin, and body products with the pure plant and flower-based aromas that is most attractive to them. Products are displayed by category – or “domain” throughout the retail center, and each is adjacent to an experience area which invites clients to experiment with the product and enjoy services. Sophisticated signage offers accessible, relevant information of Aveda’s products, point of difference and mission throughout the space.

Following the passage into the next sector, Pitta (fire energy) is represented in our Aveda Lifestyle Salon. Clients can experience the latest trends in haircutting, color and textural services. This is also the epicenter for a strong educational setting that attracted some of the area’s most talented stylists. Lynda Baker, a former Aveda Global Purefessional has traveled nationally teaching Color techniques and trends to some of the nation’s most talented professionals.

Passing through the salon and into the spa, Kappha (water energy) is well represented. The Shampoo Spa features eight European Recline/Lounge backwash shampoo stations in a dimly lit, serene environment. Clients always enjoy either a scalp massage with their shampoo, followed by one of Aveda’s signature conditioners. Hot steam towels help the conditioner penetrate the hair while guests receive hand massages to enhance their experience. This is also home to three Spa Rooms where skin care treatments and massages are customized based on the specific needs of the guest.

Every component of the Environmental Retail Center and Salon|Spa lives up to Aveda’s mission of environmental responsibility by using recycled and sustainable resources – for example, many of our fixtures are eco-friendly and made from wood that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Taken from forests that are managed, this maximizes conservation and reduces deforestation, The walls are treated with VOC-free paints. In an effort to recycle items left behind by a previous tenant, the new Color Café is the repurposed check-out counter and the lighting was kept and reconfigured to highlight the retail area and styling stations in the salon.

Our message is simple, “Above all else,to thine ownself be true.” The team at true is infused with a sense of newness and excitement which is passed on to guests through every interaction. true is ready to fulfill its promise of passionate and caring service, and enhanced wellness, to the West Cobb community.

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Above all else to thine own self be true!


Donation Policy

At true Salon|Spa, we take great interest in giving back to the community we serve. In an effort to concentrate our support, we have chosen to give to charities that mirror our business philosophies and the concerns of our guests. These charities include donations to women’s health issues, children’s organizations, endeavors that promote creative or artistic development, and environmental concerns. Beneficiaries are advised that a contribution in a particular situation is not an indication that support will continue on a regular basis.

To be eligible for contributions, organizations must:

  • Qualify for a nonprofit status under the Internal Revenue Code
  • Benefit the local communities serviced by true Salon|Spa locations
  • Mirror our business philosophies and the concerns of our guests

Who is not eligible:

  1. Funds for individuals
  2. Political parties or candidates
  3. Purely social organizations
  4. Primary or secondary education
  5. Beauty pageant participants
  6. Religious organizations (some exception may be made for religious organizations that provide humanitarian services on a completely non-sectarian basis)
  7. Team sponsorships or fundraiser competitions
  8. Scholarships

There is no specific form for submission of a contribution request. However, if you meet the contribution requirements, your request must be submitted in writing and must include sufficient data to show your cause meets our donation guidelines. The following details should be addressed in your request:

  • Brief description of your organization
  • Purpose of the contribution requested
  • How the program relates to true’s areas of interest
  • Copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Determination Letter

Please email request with all required documents to or mail donation requests and details to our home office for consideration:

true Aveda Lifestyle Salon | Spa 3625 Dallas Hwy SW Suite 540 Marietta, Georgia 30064 Attn: Donations