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Diffusing Your Hair like a Pro: What You Need to Know

While many people may look at your wavy, curly hair and envy you, most of them have no idea what it takes to have those locks look great. They don’t realize that those waves take more than just a quick wash, a product or two, and Ta-Da! Instant perfect hair.  And many of those envying your curl have no idea what to do with a diffuser. However, if you have waves and curls then it is probable that a diffusing your hair is something you have done….at least once.  🙂

But there is an art to diffusing your hair so that you get the full benefit of your curls and the diffuser. After all, it’s not the same as using a blow dryer. Consider this, blow driers are designed to simply dry your hair. Diffusers are designed to diffuse the airflow into your hair. This minimizes drying time, adds volume, reduces frizz, helps your style to last longer and boosts the curls.

So how can you get the most out of diffusing your hair? Today, we will share some tips from the pros for diffusing your hair to show off all its style and beauty.

Tips for Diffusing Your Hair Like a Pro

When using a diffuser on your hair there are things are healthy and things that are not. Knowing the best approach is the first step in always having great looking waves and curls.

What to Do when Diffusing Your Hair

·      Because curls won’t magically dry frizz-free (even with a diffuser), you must begin with a good product. We suggest Be Curly Curl Enhancer as a moisturizing styler with Phomollient (for finer hair) or Confixor (for fine and medium hair) for hold. You can begin diffusing your hair immediately, or wait a few minutes to allow your hair to start drying. Either is fine and will have great results.

·      Use your diffuser at the lowest setting. Heat isn’t good for anyone’s hair. You may want to use a heat protectant such as Heat Relief Thermal Protector.

·      Begin at the roots as they are generally the hardest to get dried. This will also give added lift.

·      Diffuse your hair upwards by flipping your head forward and diffusing your hair in upwards motions. Work with large sections, rather small ones. When your hair is nearly dry (about 80%), take a few minutes to massage the curls at your roots to create even more fullness. Then let it finish via air drying.

What NOT to do When Diffusing Your Hair

·      Diffuse your hair while it is soaking wet. Use a microfiber towel to soak up excess moisture.

·      Leave the diffuser on as move to a new part of your hair. Diffuse a section, then turn off the diffuser to move to the next area to be diffused.

·      Disrupt clumping and curl formation.

·      Touch and continue to handle your hair as it is air-drying and then finished. To add extra volume, shake out your curls – don’t touch them! Touching frequently will take away from the style. 

Diffusing your hair is a great way to show off those beautiful curls and waves. Use these tips to add more boost to your curls and style. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to come by true Salon. We have the products and tools you need to help you show off your style.

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