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Better Blonding: The Art of the Consultation

blonde 1As a color enthusiast, I am always particularly excited by a blonde color service.  Over the years, I have seen this experience turn out amazingly beautiful and go a little sideways.  Following are a few pointers I offer for a more comprehensive consultation, leading to a better blonding service:

  1. There are 4 basic blonde groups:  Neutral, natural, warm, and ashy.  Know where you fall and which is your goal tone.
  2. Warm blondes are, typically, more golden.  They will see more red and yellow undertones in the hair.  Ashy blondes are, typically, icier and will see more violet and blue undertones.

Just as hair has undertones, so does skin.  Find the underlying pigment of your skin to determine your best hair tone.

  1. Know whether you like highlights placed for a more natural effect or if you like a thicker, more noticeable band of color.
  2. And, finally, make sure you’re talking with your stylist about past challenges (why you left your last stylist), current concerns, lifestyle (whether you wear hair up often, how much time you intend to devote to maintenance, etc.)blonde 2

Your stylist will be able to tell a great deal about your hair just based on touch and observation.  But the old adage that the devil is in the details is absolutely correct.  Unspoken can mean overlooked.  So make sure your stylist is interested in all the factors that should be weighed in to a great service.  You’re worth the extra effort.

yours in service,

~tori perry

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