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90s Trends coming back. True Salon|Spa tells how to make the 90s comebacks look good.

Back to the Future – 90s Trends that are Making a Comeback

It’s been said that as much as things change, the more they stay the same. And, when it comes to fashion, this will always be true. After all, a simple look in the clothing department reveals that the fashions of the 80’s and 90’s are back – but with a twist to make it current. This nod to the past is also showing up in makeup, the hairstyles and the hair care routines being used today – so we thought it would be fun to review some of the trends from the 90’s and their implementation in today’s scene.


Bringing Back the Beauty of the 90s


From hair color to makeup routines, here are some Old School trends making the scenes of today:


Fall is Redhead season! Check out the new trends for fall.


Color – Be it the spiciness of ginger being added to hair of every shade to the bold peak a boo colors that range from pastels to bright, color is still a great way to express yourself via your hairstyle. The important part is to be sure to use the right products to maintain your colorful locks so that your personality can truly shine. Another 90s trend making a comeback is the use of colorful clip-in hair extensions that allow you to have the balayage effect or ombre effect without the need for bleaching or coloring.



90s Accessories and how to wear them nowAccessories – The 90s had some rather impressive hair accessories, and many of them are finding their way back into vogue. Some of the most popular -and also practical- are the hair scrunchie, butterfly clips of every size, and the headband comb which is still a prime way to look great at the gym while still looking trendy.




90s Comebacks for Fall Makeup TrendsMakeup – The brown lipstick of the 90s has been updated with a soft matte designed to make lips look fuller and healthy. You can also achieve a matte look by lightly applying powder to your lips before applying color, then sealing the look with a dusting of powder. Some great products from Aveda to help you achieve these looks are Feed My Lips Pure Nourish-mint lipstick and lip liner in Cacao Bean or the Bronzed Pecan.

For the eyes, blue eyeshadow is back but with a twist. To emulate some of your fave 90s stars, consider using lip gloss and lipstick a touch of glitter Rather than using blue on the eyelid opt for using it as eyeliner for a modern sophisticated look.




Hairstyle – Favorite 90’s hairstyles making a comeback include the pixie cut, the layered bob, and braids.


Are you ready to revisit the styles of yesterday but a modern twist? Then make an appointment today at true Salon. From the perfect hair and skin products to that throwback style you can’t wait to revisit, we are sure to help you achieve the 90’s look you love.

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