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9 Summertime Beauty Tricks

Summer in the South can be vicious. If the heat doesn’t wear you out then the humidity will. And, then when you factor in how harsh the sun can be on your hair and skin, it can sometimes make us wonder why we longed so much for the warm (make that hot) weather to arrive!

But, just as night follows day, heat and humidity are part of summer in metro-Atlanta. But, unlike heat being expected, having skin and hair that gets damaged does have to be a part of your summer. It is just a matter of being proactive in your routine(s). To keep your look at its best, here are some summertime beauty tricks and tips that can make this summer your best season ever.

Summertime Beauty Tricks

·      Head to true Salon for some Aveda Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Crème. Its light scent and feel make it perfect for those days when humidity levels peak. 

·      Give yourself a new smile. Consider a brighter shade of lip liner and lipstick than you usually wear during cooler months. This simple change will show off that tan and boost your confidence, too.

·      Don’t forget the sunscreen! A tan might be nice but be careful about the sun’s rays. Pick up some Aveda Daily Light Guard SPF 30 to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays. Better yet, it works great as primer so you aren’t adding any extra steps to your routine.

·      Don’t use powder to hide sweat – this will only encourage breakouts. Rather, carry some blotting sheets and use those to pat down your face and get rid of the sheen.

·      Keep baby powder on hand for those days at the beach. At the end of the day us the baby powder to help brush off sand, sweat and sunscreen. Just apply lightly and then brush away.

·      Rinse your hair before going swimming in the pool or the ocean. Damp hair absorbs less water than dry hair will. To give your hair some extra protection, comb your sunscreen through your hair as this creates a barrier from the salt water or chlorine, thus protecting your color and keeping your hair from drying out.

·      Use a clarifying shampoo such as Aveda’s Brilliant deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner. Using this at least once a week will remove all the product build-up that has accumulated on your hair and give it more body.

·      Consider using a crème eye shadow and blusher as they will last longer and won’t run like a powder one will.

·      Unclog pores by using papaya. Mash up fresh papaya and apply to skin for 3 minutes. This will de-clog skin cells and remove dead cells thus leaving your skin feeling soft.

These beauty tricks and tips are a great way to make this summer your season to shine. Stop by true Salon to get your Aveda products so you can love summer more than ever! Come on in – we can’t wait to see you!

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