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9 Reasons for Time Out at the Spa

spa 1There’s something decadent in just thinking about a day at the spa. In fact, just the word conjures up visions of relaxation, a disconnecting from the stresses of life and total rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit. This alone is enough to make most of us thrilled when we know a spa day is looming in the near future.

And what day at the spa would be complete without a therapeutic massage? After all, isn’t this what most think of when the conversation turns towards a spa visit? But, did you know that there is more to a spa day than a massage? In reality, there are a number of other great health benefits. Consider these reasons for making time for a spa day:

1. Time at the spa means disengaging from the stress of work, family problems and societal obligations. You can come in turn off your phone and simply focus on you.

2. By disconnecting from everything and everyone else, you are giving your body a chance to re-generate and, thus, become more 2

3. The massage(s) will improve blood circulation, which in turn sends more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and its cells. In addition, your lymphatic system is stimulated and will release toxins, while Serotonin (the feel-good chemicals) are also dispersed.

4. Exfoliation sessions polish the skin, refine the pores, offers skin relief and promotes cell re-generation.

5. Treatments that use heat stimulate blood circulation, which improves cell health and can even lower your blood pressure.

6. Whether you have tense muscles from working out, playing sports or simply from spending too many hours in front of the computer, a deep tissue massage will bring relief in muscle tension or cramps which means better sleeping at night and less (perhaps none) pain during the day.


7. Massage therapy will help with pain management in chronic problems such as arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms.

8. Just as heat treatments are beneficial, so are cold treatments. The cold treatments are used to stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and immune system. (That definitely beats going to the doctor!)

9. Better skin, that is clear of blemishes is often a result of time at the spa. Because the cells are stimulated, and the skin receives deep cleaning, your skin is less likely to break out and will have a healthier glow to it, as well. Even better, having healthier skin, means you look younger, too!

Spending time at the spa is not just a way to disconnect – though that is certainly a viable reason to schedule a true Salon spa visit- it is a way to boost your health. So, call today to schedule some space in your calendar for the ultimate time out day at true Salon. We can’t wait to see you!

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