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6 Things to Know Before Going to Your Next Hair Appointment

culture clash redWhen it comes to our hairstyle and color, most of us have very specific goals in mind before we ever enter the salon. We often know what color we want added, have a preconceived concept of what the style will look like and, in some cases, a set amount of time to be spent at the salon. However, we often fail to remember a few basics that will make the time at the salon better than ever.

Think about it, most of us have gone to the salon with this picture in our minds of the outcome of a new hairstyle, but then when we are sitting in the chair, we fumble about trying to explain to the hairstylist what we envision. Then, when the job is finished, we are frustrated –if not angry- that the result doesn’t match our preconceived concepts. To minimize the chance of getting a hairstyle that doesn’t match your dream style, here are

6 Tips from Pros in the Business

1.      If you are uncertain if a specific look will work for you, schedule a consultation with your stylist. When you go to the appointment, bring along at least 2 (more is best) pictures of the style. Ideally, the pics need to show as many angles of the style as possible so that your stylist can ascertain if the cut would work for your hair and facial shape. At the consultation, be sure to ask about the care and upkeep for the style, so it can always look its best.

2.       When going in for a consultation, be sure to wash your hair. This might seem trite, but it is more difficult for a stylist to determine if a cut will work if your hair is not at its best.  However, when going in for a color, most salons recommend skipping the wash that day as it will help better protect your scalp – especially if you have any scratches.

3.       Creative colors – purple, blue, orange, etc. can take time to do. They require a lot of skill, work, and knowledge, which translates into a longer appointment than a more traditional color. Consider scheduling your creative hair appointment earlier in the day as some of these color applications can take 4+ hours.

4.       Be truthful. If you have applied a drug store box of color to your hair and did not have the desire results, you need to tell the stylist. If possible, bring along the product/box so they can see what used.

5.       Your stylist isn’t a miracle worker. You have to do some of the maintenance at home if you want your hair to always look great. Be sure to use the right styling products, tools, and even towels so that you can keep your hair healthy. Many stylist recommend using a hydrating hair mask at least once a week to ensure your hair stays healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

6.       Before heading to your appointment – especially if it is with a new stylist- style your hair as would normally wear it so that the stylist has an idea of how your hair typically looks.

Getting the hairstyle you want doesn’t have to feel like a game of dice. When you are able to provide your hair stylist with a variety of tools, and will take the time to explain what you like, or not, about a particular style or color, then you can confidently enter the salon knowing that when you leave that you will look more fantastic than ever. The team at true Salon wants to help you achieve a look that works for you. Make an appointment today to get started.

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