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Pitfalls of Pinterest, read on for advice from true Salon about pinterest styles

6 Pitfalls of Pinterest

Pinterest Hairstyle Pitfalls | Hair Salon | Dallas, GAWe have all been there. We know it is time for a change in our hairstyle, beauty routine or perhaps how we have our nails done. But knowing it is time for a new look and figuring out what the new you will look like is not always simple. So, we talk to friends, flip through magazines, and of course, peruse Pinterest for styles that, we believe, will suit us.

Each of these options have their value in a search for a new look, but one in particular can actually cause more damage than good. Which one? Pinterest (followed closely by magazine articles). We have all seen the Pinterest fails pics of furniture re-creations, art projects, and cake decorating where things went inexplicably wrong. But, there are just as many pitfalls for hair and beauty pins.

1.     Pinterest often only shows a portion of the hairstyle – typically just the front or on occasion, the front and the sides.

2.     Your hairstylist knows what type of hair you have and how it can be styled to show off your features. Pinterest doesn’t know you personally.

3.     In some cases, people see posts on Pinterest as tutorials, so then attempt to color or cut their own hair using the concepts shown. However, without proper training one is more likely to ruin their hair and end up needing to have a hairstylist color, cut and re-style your hair.

4.     Not every beauty tip is truly helpful for your skin and hair. Yes, using natural products and blends like lemon and honey, herbs, fruits and veggies are good for your skin. But there is more to it than just glopping them on your skin or hair and expecting them to work miracles. The Aveda team has spent a long time creating natural, safe products specifically designed to improve your skin, add body to your hair and protect your scalp. Your Pinterest boards are not sure solutions to always looking beautiful.

5.     The nail art is misleading. Again, it might look easy and straightforward, but just how long do you have to recreate their process? Often, those “simple and easy” nail art designs are much more involved than purported.

6.     Like the nail art, those 5-minute hairstyles shown on Pinterest quite often take more time than touted.

Pinterest has its place and there are many great ideas to learn from it. And, you can even find some hairstyle posts that show a particular look from multiple angles, or those that give simple, realistic approaches to skin or nail related changes. But, that doesn’t make Pinterest the go to for all things beauty. Rather, think of it as a springboard. You might want to show your stylist an image that you like, but if you are willing to leave them some room to adapt that style to your facial shape and hair type then you will be far more pleased with the finished look.

The pitfalls of Pinterest are there and if you are not careful or can’t find the products or tools suggested then you may find yourself heading to true Salon for damage repair.  Fortunately, our team can repair the damage and have your hair healthy and looking its best. Give true Salon a call today.

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