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10 Ways to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day Disguises | Salon | Dallas, GA | trueWe all have them. Those days where it doesn’t matter what we want to do with our hair, it just doesn’t work.  And of course, these days always seem to be the ones where we really don’t have time to spend re-doing the style! This hair frustration often makes us aggravated for far longer than it needs to – or worse, leads us to make impulsive hair decisions that leave us more frustrated.

Ugh – we know – the struggle is real!

So, for those days when it seems like having the look we want is elusive, and we need a simple fix that won’t leave us ill, here are some ways to disguise a bad hair day.

How to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

1.     Pull it up into a teased bun.  If your hair is already a bit frizzy, just tease a bit more, then swirl it into a messy chignon.

2.     If your hair is oily, put it into tight braids, pile it on top of your head and then finish with a glossing spray to make it look like you wanted your hair to look shiny.

3.     Live in a region where humidity is common? (Georgia, anyone?) Then use a little bit of castor oil on your hair to tame the effects of humid weather.

4.     For a simple solution for a bad hair day, try parting your hair on the opposite side. Often, this will result in giving your hair more volume or better shape.

5.     When humidity is especially high, skip the conditioner and pre-styling products, then blow dry your hair in small sections, alternating between the heat and cooling setting. Once you style your hair, apply an even coating of a hold/humidity defense product.

6.     For bangs that just won’t lay right, consider a hairline braid that you pin behind your ear.  To help the braid stay together better, lightly mist your bangs with a texturizing spray before braiding.

7.     Correct unwanted hair creases that appear overnight by using a curling iron to smooth and blend, while leaving a beachy, undone appearance.

8.     Are your natural curls bordering on frizzy? Then flip your head upside down and fluff out the hair at the nape of your neck This will add volume from underneath and help keep surface curls defined.

9.     Use dry shampoo to minimize moisture.

10.  When all else fails, get creative with turbans, hats, scarves, etc. After all, they are the perfect way to brighten up your look!

Bad hair days are going to happen. It may be due to humidity, rain, a new hair product or any number of factors, but you don’t have to let bad hair days get you down. Try out some of these solutions. Who knows, you might even find a new style to love!

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